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Dryer Vent Danger

By Mark Jenkins

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A homeowner called about their dryer vent not properly venting.  A Genesis Home Improvement teammate checked the dryer vent and found it was running vertically up and out onto the roof into a 750 box.  This box was not allowing the lint to escape properly, causing a potential fire hazard.  A 750 box is installed to let heat out of the attic not for dryer vent purposes.  The box was removed from the roof, cleaned out and reattached until a permanent fix could be completed.

A week later, Genesis Home Improvement removed the box and put a proper dryer vent box on the roof that had a flap to allow the lint to escape.  Six shingles were replaced to ensure a proper seal was placed around the new box.  As you can see, in just a week’s time, the lint was already building up in the box.

Make sure you are aware of not only how your dryer is venting but where it is going and into what type of box/vent.

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