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Genesis Infinity Systems

Genesis Home Improvement has developed a unique, efficient way to bring your home project to reality.  The Genesis Infinity Systems are currently offered for Roofing, Bathrooms, Windows and Decks. Genesis Infinity Systems includes three material and design options; Standard, Premier or Elite where the major selection and design decisions are streamlined for easier project execution. A fourth option is the Legacy Design which allows you to customize your project, leaving your Legacy on your home. By creating and offering these systems, Genesis Home Improvement can complete your home project within the investment goal you have set.


With over 85 years of combined family experience in the roofing industry, we have developed a proprietary installation system like no other.  The Genesis Infinity Roof System allows you to select from the Alpha or Omega installation.  Our experienced roofing sales team will provide you with a free 25 point inspection of your roof and exterior. If it is determined your roof needs replacing, they will explain to you the installation options. Our Standard, Premier, Elite and Legacy shingle selections include GAF and CertainTeed architectural shingles of all grades along with more custom options such as clay tiles, slate and metal roofing. As a restoration contractor, we are experienced in working with your insurance adjusters should your damage be from a weather related event.  We are certified through GAF and CertainTeed which allows us to continuously train, bringing you the latest installation requirements and material selections.

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As a Wellborn authorized contract, we appreciate the quality that goes into a remodeled bathroom. Bathroom updates look great and add value by creating a return on investment. Over the years we have found some customers know exactly what they want while others don’t know where to begin, feeling overwhelmed with all of the options. In an effort to simply the process, we have created the Genesis Infinity Bathroom System.  Our Genesis Infinity Bathroom System provides four options, three for those who are unsure where to start and one for those who enjoy selecting every detail. The Standard, Premier and Elite bathrooms offer pre-selected options, varying in material grade and detail. Each option provides a designer look with minimal selection time.  For the customer who enjoys the selection process, we offer the Legacy Design option. This allows customers to work with our designer picking out tile, back splashes, custom benches, and custom showers along with lighting and hardware features, leaving their Legacy on their home. All four options provide a bathroom remodel solution to fit most investment goals and include an option for a custom shower door.

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Adding or resurfacing your deck allows you to have additional outdoor living space to enjoy.  Whether you are looking for a Standard pressure treated deck or a designer Trex deck with vinyl rails and solar lights, our Genesis Infinity Deck Systems provide you with every option.  As a TrexPro, we understand the added value of a deck. Our Standard, Premier and Elite options provide you with pre-selected design and material options for varying investment goals. Our Legacy Design option allows you to customize your deck outside of our pre-selected options.  Our Genesis Infinity System allows you to create your perfect outdoor space to enjoy.

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Genesis Infinity Window system offers three grades of Atrium windows. We traveled to North Carolina to their plant bringing you the latest installation and product knowledge.  The Standard, Premier and Elite options provide you with a window that fits your investment goal and style requirements. All windows are Low-E argon gas and come with lifetime warranty on glass breaks as well as a lifetime warranty on screen tears. Low E Glass is constantly improving solar and thermal performance and has a low rate of emission. If there is a heat source either inside or outside of your home, the glass will bounce that heat off and away from the window.

Options range from single to double hung, as well as double and triple pane.  Double and triple pane windows are energy efficient, creating an average of 30% – 50% energy savings, depending on which window you select. New windows also reduce noise and pollution that is created outside of the home. If the Standard, Classic or Elite window options do not fit your needs, the Legacy Design option allows us to design your new windows, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

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Additional Services


Genesis is an authorized Wellborn Kitchen Contractor. For over 47 years, Wellborn Cabinets have been a name you can trust for enduring quality and endless style options. Let us create your dream kitchen with custom tile back splashes, lighting, granite counter tops from Kitchen Cabinet and Bath Warehouse, and any kind of flooring including hardwood. Customers get to hand pick all lighting and hardware features including light fixtures, faucets, and cabinet knobs and pulls. A minor kitchen remodel could add up to 82.7% of the projects cost back to the home value. Once we have the cabinets, our typical turn-around time is 2 to 3 weeks. We can also help you design that new kitchen, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

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Finished Basement

Genesis is a full service, all-inclusive contractor that can finish or remodel your basement, including bedrooms and bathrooms. We handle everything from applying for permits, to framing, painting, trim, and flooring. Depending on the work that is done to remodel your basement, the return on investment could be improved by $20-$30 dollars per square foot. The typical turn-around time for a basement finish or remodel is 30 days. We can also help you design that new basement, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

Residential Renovation

No matter what kind of room you want renovated, Genesis can do it for you. We do custom trim and custom crown moulding with Sherwin Williams paint. Genesis can also repair any drywall or plaster damage. Customers get to hand pick all lighting and hardware features. We can also help you design that new residential renovation, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

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Insurance Restoration

Whether you have had hail damage, high winds, water damage or fire, we are able to put your home back to the way it was with our experienced renovation team. We work with many insurance adjusters, communicating the loss and restoration needs. Our goal is to put your home back together and give you peace of mind knowing it was done correctly.


Genesis installs, replaces and repairs all types of siding. Most of our siding requests are for vinyl. Vinyl Siding has both visual and cost saving benefits. It comes in exceptional selections from traditional straight lap, double five dutch lap to beaded. Vinyl can also be found in cedar impressions for a low maintenance cedar shake alternative. Many homeowners turn to vinyl siding for both the design appeal and because it is more durable and long lasting than aluminum or wood. Aluminum siding tends to dent and bend especially during a hail storm. Wood siding is known to dry rot and needs to be stained often in order to keep the original look. There are many affordable styles with outstanding performance. The typical turn-around time for siding is 4-5 days. We can also help with design around your new siding, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

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We offer two different types of gutters 5 inch K style gutter with a 2×3 down spout, and a 6 inch k style gutter with a 3×4 down spout. Both are aluminum, and they are hung with hidden hangers. These gutters are available in multiple colors too. We can also help with your design around new gutters, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

Seasonal Services

Seasonal home services like gutter cleaning, snow removal, power washing and winterizing inspection and services.


Genesis can build any type of home or outdoor building you desire from the concept to the finish. Are you looking to build a place to keep your animals warm and covered? Are you looking for a new man cave where you can get away and do man things? Are you thinking about putting an apartment over your garage? Or thinking you need more storage for all your outside items such as lawn mowers, let us help you with that. We have done as much as barns made for horses, attached and detached garages with electric, HVAC installations, and apartments on top, and as little as storage sheds. We can also help you design that new building, ensuring the optimal balance between style and function.

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