Written by Mark Jenkins

Dryer Vent Danger

A homeowner called about their dryer vent not properly venting.  A Genesis Home Improvement teammate checked the dryer vent and found it was running vertically up and out onto the roof into a 750 box.  This box was not allowing the lint to escape properly, causing a potential fire hazard.  A 750 box is installed to let heat out of the attic not for dryer vent purposes.  The box was removed from the roof, cleaned out and reattached until a permanent fix could be completed.

A week later, Genesis Home Improvement removed the box and put a proper dryer vent box on the roof that had a flap to allow the lint to escape.  Six shingles were replaced to ensure a proper seal was placed around the new box.  As you can see, in just a week’s time, the lint was already building up in the box.

Make sure you are aware of not only how your dryer is venting but where it is going and into what type of box/vent.

Written by Mark Jenkins

From attic to retreat

This 1950’s style home has balloon framing and boasts an attic with a lot of character.  As the homeowner had a need for additional living space, the first thought was to add an addition.  However,  after exploring options, the final decision was to take this top level attic and create a retreat to include a full bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, living space and linen closet.  The walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Repose Grey and finished with white trim.

Before view of attic from each angle.


Before and after linen closet was built.

Look into the walk-in closet.



Final view of the finished product.

Written by Mark Jenkins

New House without the move

Let’s face it, moving takes a LOT of work! Most of us have seen the shows on TV that help disagreeing spouses with the decision  to move or remodel.  Many times the remodels are extreme and cost tens of thousands of dollars.  While the remodels are fantastic, you can do a few things to the outside of your home to get a new look without the work of moving.

  • Replacing the siding refaces your home.  There are so many options with vinyl siding, you really can get many diverse looks.
  • Replacing the roof can add a new flare as well! Shingles come in many different colors and include a max definition option.
  • Resurfacing your existing deck can create the appeal of a new deck without the total cost.  Trex can be installed instead of pressure treated wood for a better, long term solution.
  • Fascia board and rake can be wrapped with aluminum caping for a fresh, no maintenance appearance.
  • Windows can be replaced which helps the look and the electric bill!

For design ideas, check out our portfolio and let us help you get started on your home project!

Written by Mark Jenkins

Have you decided on the color of your roof?

This home in Midland needed a new roof.  The homeowners opted for “Atlantic Blue” shingles to accent their home.  The Landmark shingles are a 30-year designer shingle and look nice with their beige siding.  When your home needs a new roof, we are able to take a picture of your home and show you how the various color options would look.  This technology provides you with the peace of mind that you chose the right color for your home.  Choosing a colored shingle is not more expensive than your standard black or grey, unless you are looking at a max-def shingle. Request information today on options for your new roof.