Written by Mark Jenkins

Dryer Vent Danger

A homeowner called about their dryer vent not properly venting.  A Genesis Home Improvement teammate checked the dryer vent and found it was running vertically up and out onto the roof into a 750 box.  This box was not allowing the lint to escape properly, causing a potential fire hazard.  A 750 box is installed to let heat out of the attic not for dryer vent purposes.  The box was removed from the roof, cleaned out and reattached until a permanent fix could be completed.

A week later, Genesis Home Improvement removed the box and put a proper dryer vent box on the roof that had a flap to allow the lint to escape.  Six shingles were replaced to ensure a proper seal was placed around the new box.  As you can see, in just a week’s time, the lint was already building up in the box.

Make sure you are aware of not only how your dryer is venting but where it is going and into what type of box/vent.

Written by Mark Jenkins

From attic to retreat

This 1950’s style home has balloon framing and boasts an attic with a lot of character.  As the homeowner had a need for additional living space, the first thought was to add an addition.  However,  after exploring options, the final decision was to take this top level attic and create a retreat to include a full bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, living space and linen closet.  The walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Repose Grey and finished with white trim.

Before view of attic from each angle.


Before and after linen closet was built.

Look into the walk-in closet.



Final view of the finished product.

Written by Mark Jenkins

New Granite Counter Top

Many homes built 10-15 years ago boast cabinets in the kitchen that are still in decent shape.  However, laminate counter tops have become dated, peal around the seams and create an eyesore in an otherwise functional space.  With various grades of granite, it is easy to upgrade the look of your kitchen by just replacing the counter top.  This homeowner upgraded from a basic laminate to a neutral granite.  The look is so much more elegant and modern.






Written by Mark Jenkins

From a blue tub to…..

This new bathroom looks and feels completely different! From a blue tub to a modern grey tile floor and subway tile walls, this makeover looks great! 


Written by Mark Jenkins

Why go from Aluminum to Vinyl Siding?

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding, do you know why people are changing? Aluminum siding has an interesting history thanks to Jerome Kaufman. “After seeing how paint bonds to aluminum fuselages on World War II planes, Jerome Kaufman, owner of one of the largest retail home improvement dealers in the U.S., invents the first residential baked enamel aluminum siding.”*

While the history is interesting, many homeowners are choosing to replace their aluminum siding with vinyl siding for a few different reasons.

  • Dents Easily
  • Paint can oxidize
  • Paint can scratch (similar to a vehicle)
  • Less desirable and may lead to a devaluation of home

This home in Warrenton was replaced with CertainTeed Double ” Dutchlap Siding.  The Granite Grey color is accented nicely with the white PVC wrap.  Both materials allow for a low maintenance, up to date look.  The cupola on the top of the garage was included in the vinyl transition and PVC wrapping.  Bringing all of the home’s character in with this new look, creates a modern home with great curb appeal.

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*Reference: http://www.alside.com/about/history/

Written by Mark Jenkins

Recent Hail Storms

As recent as yesterday evening, Bealeton was hit with yet another hail storm.  High winds, heavy rain and hail brought down trees, power lines and damaged property.  Hail damage may not be obvious at first and can cause extensive damage to a roof and siding.  Have your home inspected if you suspect damage either by a professional or by contacting your insurance company.  Should you have questions, we are here to help!

Written by Mark Jenkins

New House without the move

Let’s face it, moving takes a LOT of work! Most of us have seen the shows on TV that help disagreeing spouses with the decision  to move or remodel.  Many times the remodels are extreme and cost tens of thousands of dollars.  While the remodels are fantastic, you can do a few things to the outside of your home to get a new look without the work of moving.

  • Replacing the siding refaces your home.  There are so many options with vinyl siding, you really can get many diverse looks.
  • Replacing the roof can add a new flare as well! Shingles come in many different colors and include a max definition option.
  • Resurfacing your existing deck can create the appeal of a new deck without the total cost.  Trex can be installed instead of pressure treated wood for a better, long term solution.
  • Fascia board and rake can be wrapped with aluminum caping for a fresh, no maintenance appearance.
  • Windows can be replaced which helps the look and the electric bill!

For design ideas, check out our portfolio and let us help you get started on your home project!

Written by Mark Jenkins

Technology in the Bathroom?

We recently finished up a bathroom remodel unlike any other.  The homeowner wanted to add a bit of technology in addition to a sleek design.  Traditional showers are equipped with a single action lever diverter that controls the flow and temperature of the water flowing from the shower head. Not this shower.  Wiring was installed prior to the tile installation to accommodate a remote controlled diverter. This diverter can be pre-set for two different temperatures, allowing two  people to have a customized, programmed shower to enjoy.  The homeowner can use the remote control to start the shower and step into a shower at the exact temperature they prefer.  The diverter has the ability to operate two different shower heads withing the same shower, allowing for additional water sources.

The drain in the bottom of the shower is also unique.  This 4 foot trough drain is concealed nicely along the edge of the shower wall.  The vessel sink was purchased from California and provides a great look to finish off this bathroom.

Written by Mark Jenkins

Were you affected by hail damage?

We continue to see roof damage from the recent storms.  If you are unsure about possible damage, we are completing storm damage inspections.  After walking your roof and marking the damage, photos will be taken to show you the results.  Many times, insurance companies will pay to repair or replace your damaged roof.

In addition to the shingles on your roof, siding can be damaged by wind and hail. Damage is not just a cosmetic concern as it can cause long term problems.  If you don’t address the damage now, future damage may not be covered by your insurance.


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