Written by Mark Jenkins

Why go from Aluminum to Vinyl Siding?

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding, do you know why people are changing? Aluminum siding has an interesting history thanks to Jerome Kaufman. “After seeing how paint bonds to aluminum fuselages on World War II planes, Jerome Kaufman, owner of one of the largest retail home improvement dealers in the U.S., invents the first residential baked enamel aluminum siding.”*

While the history is interesting, many homeowners are choosing to replace their aluminum siding with vinyl siding for a few different reasons.

  • Dents Easily
  • Paint can oxidize
  • Paint can scratch (similar to a vehicle)
  • Less desirable and may lead to a devaluation of home

This home in Warrenton was replaced with CertainTeed Double ” Dutchlap Siding.  The Granite Grey color is accented nicely with the white PVC wrap.  Both materials allow for a low maintenance, up to date look.  The cupola on the top of the garage was included in the vinyl transition and PVC wrapping.  Bringing all of the home’s character in with this new look, creates a modern home with great curb appeal.

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*Reference: http://www.alside.com/about/history/